Emily’s Personal Journey To Moujamoon

I believe that teaching womxn’s holistic reproductive and sexual health is my highest calling, and that all the twists and turns of my personal and professional journey have always been leading me here…

I envision a world where everyone is an expert of their own body, and empowered to live in alignment with their own highest calling, by reclaiming their sacred connection to Self, Earth and Others.

I grew up in Canada in a religious family, and like most young girls I was in a society and systems that lacked the freedom for me to grow organically into who it was I wanted to be. However, my saving grace is that from a young age I was involved in Girl Guides, which planted in me a connection to nature that deepened well into my teenage years. It was there I saw female leaders that sparked within me a curiosity in creating your own path. It was in our gatherings I saw an unapologetic way to be, and it was with my troop that I tried Yoga for the first time. During that initial exposure to Yoga at the age of 16, I experienced a quiet remembrance of love within my body that kept me coming back to the mat.

My experiences within circles of womxn who connected deeply to nature and each other, as well as the spark that was lit in that first Yoga class, were embers which smouldered within me for the many challenges ahead.

As I moved through University along my path of becoming a school teacher, I found myself feeling lost and alone in the drum of traditional life choices, seeking externally for validation, joy and acceptance in places I’d never find it: various substances and unhealthy relationships. It was soon after graduating that fueled by my fiery drive to awaken to Truth, I began my lifelong love of travel, and spent the next decade traversing foreign landscapes seeking purpose and belonging. While I have immense gratitude for the expansive experiences lived along the road, I still found myself in a constant cycle of endless seeking, returning back home to Canada feeling disappointed in a career and life that depleted me.

It became clear that I was trying to fit into my family and society’s conditioning of who and what I should be doing with my life, instead of defining for myself a way of living that aligned with the truth of my heart.

The more I denied my truth, the more pain would surface, manifesting as chronic physical tension in my neck, shooting down my spine into my breastbone – right at my heart. The discomfort in my body became so intense that it interfered with my ability to work and play. I would visit various chiropractors and physiotherapists, but couldn’t find lasting relief. I mostly found myself weeping heavily in their offices, just wanting to feel seen and heard.

My body was holding all the challenging emotions I didn’t know how to feel…but the deep inhales between tears lit an ember in my heart that would give me the courage to do the bravest thing that changed my destiny:⁠

I let my life fully fall apart.

I surrendered my intuition and quit my job. I moved to a small coastal village in Morocco, where I spent the next four years embracing a time of deep reflection as I faced old traumas and deep wounds. I focused on rebalancing, rebuilding and redefining myself. Through the grace of Goddess, I connected to a powerful side of myself that I always knew existed, but was never able to hear – and I did this by healing my inner Feminine aspects.

I began tracking my menstrual cycle using FAM (fertility awareness method) as a way to connect back to my body and innate creative forces, which catapulted me on a massive journey of rebalancing my hormones naturally, healing adrenal gland fatigue and revealing suboptimal thyroid function. I dove into the depths of my sacred sexuality, reclaimed my cyclical power, found peace during my periods, and I came to see that:⁠ every adventure I had ever gone on, across the medicinal lands of mama nature, was a search to find home. Finally, I had found home within my very own womb, heart and body.

For the first time in my life I was awake to the Divinity I held as a womb-bearer and my power as a co-creator within the Universe. I bravely choose to begin living in total alignment with my heart, and to be in service of liberating womxn from patriarchal conditioning.

My passion organically poured out of me when I combined my years of teaching experience with my newfound wisdom of conscious menstruation. After some time facilitating womxn’s body literacy workshops, I traveled to India to complete my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, then took to The Himalayas for an intensive Buddhist meditation retreat. These experiences not only solidified my personal spiritual practices, but also tailored my skills and teaching methodologies to further support womxn within movement, meditation and contemplation.

In 2019, I returned home to my roots of Canada, this time grounded in my sacred connection to Self, Earth and Others, eager to share the transformative lessons I learned while living in Morocco. My intention in teaching holistic reproductive and sexual health is to empower womxn with accurate information, accessible tools and loving guidance to reconnect to them back to their deepest wisdom – the one that is found within.

Through immersive experiences in person and online, I am doing my part in expanding the paradigm of what it means to be a vibrant and fulfilled womxn as a reverence for the Feminine rises again.


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