PODCAST #1: Why You Should Delete Your Cycle Tracking App

The Moujamoon Podcast will take you on a deep dive of body literacy…to where the science, history, and mysticism of reproductive power come alive!

In this episode, host Emily Jane compares period tracking apps, whose algorithms are based on rhythm method thinking, with Fertility Awareness Method to reveal which option provides greater insight and consciousness of one’s sexual sovereignty.

She explores how menstruating bodies through millennia have interpreted the world through their cycles, and what arises when you begin to understand time as a circular rhythm.

How do you understand your menstrual cycle?

Do you see it as more than just a monthly nuisance?

Do you want to dig deeper into your intuition?

Do you want to live in sync with your cycle for more ease, depth and vibrancy?

Listen to the podcast to gain a better understanding of the accessible tools that can connect you into the deep Feminine wisdom we hold in our bodies!


YOU have the power to know your body better than an app.
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Clarification Statements From Emily:
  1. I am improving on replacing the word “month” with “cycle”, as not all womxn experience cycles within the ideal range of 26 to 35 days!
  2. My mix of terms (feminine and gender neutral) is meant to be both inclusive to gender-evolving individuals who menstruate, while also being mindful that reproductive health issues are an unequal burden within the experience of straight, cis womxn.
  3. Beware of apps and devices (like Natural Cycles, Daysy and many more) that don’t advertise as rhythm method, but rather use words like “algorithm”, “calculations”, “averaging your cycles”, “learning your normal” or “calendar method” as these are all flawed methods that use past cycles to guess your current fertility. Regardless of if these apps are “FDA Approved”, apps cannot see your unique cervical mucus and know BBT disruptions, and should never be used for natural contraception.
  4. The *ONLY* app I recommend you look into is Read Your Body which is a digital charting program for fertility awareness method. RYB is the first app made by charters for charters, but you’ll still have to learn FAM from a guide like myself before being able to use the app!


  • Nikki Scott
    Posted 17th Nov 2020 8:27 pm 0Likes

    I really needed to hear this right now. Thank you so much Emily, you made this really easy to understand, shared some great insights and you have a great voice for podcasts!

    • Emily Jane
      Posted 19th Nov 2020 10:46 pm 0Likes

      My pleasure Nikki! So glad you got something out of it and thank you for listening. I’m working on Ep 2 right now 🙂

  • Lola
    Posted 27th Dec 2020 4:20 pm 0Likes

    I super enjoyed this podcast, so many clear and informative insights about tracking, ovulation, body awareness and connection, great humor and helpful tips. Love it!!!

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