What Is Cyclical Living?

I remember being in university, well into my menstruating years, with not only a limited understanding of what having a period meant (other than I could get pregnant…so be careful!), but not even a clue that there could be anything more to know…

Unfortunately, my ignorance was anything but bliss. I’d hustle between classes, studying, the gym, partying and work, juggling my various tasks and responsibilities until BAM…I’d get hit with my period. 

“Ugh…faaakkkk…why?? Why TODAY?????” 

**Cue rolling up toilet paper for a make-shift pad until I’d get home and stock
up my bag with bleached tampons for the week ahead**

I’d be bloated, tired, grumpy, unmotivated, and grossed out by my own body’s blood. Ick! I’d consider myself “lucky” if I didn’t end up keeling over from debilitating cramps at work, because (as I was programmed to believe) this is just part of being a woman, right? The only supposed “insight” I’d glean from the first day of my bleed was a reason to suppress and discredit any emotions I’d felt days prior,

“Oh, that’s why I was crying! Everything is actually fine. I was just PMSing.”

Sound familiar?

Over a decade later, now that I’m a Fertility Awareness Educator who literally teaches cycle charting for healing, heath and conscious contraception, all I can think is:

Thank Goddess we all don’t have to keep living like that for the next 3-4 decades!

Reclaiming an understanding of your reproductive system is radically transformational, and along the journey personal truths are bound to arise. The key shift is realizing that you are not “on your cycle” when you get your period, but rather that you are always on your cycle.

Your menstrual flow is a reflection of your life’s flow. ⁠

⁠Your menstrual health is the downstream result of the rest of your overall health. ⁠

⁠Take a look below at this graphic I pulled from my Charting Shakti Program, demonstrating the dance of our major reproductive hormones:

Notice that chuck in the middle labeled “summer”? Now THAT’S where the magic of the cycle really happens, during the days around the 24 hour event of ovulation. In fact, 60% of ALL hormonal activity takes place during this “inner summer”! That’s why a more accurate term for this monthly process is our “ovulatory cycle”, rather than our “menstrual cycle”. Menstruation is the downstream result of ovulation, and ovulation must take place before we have a true menstruation (sneak peek on an upcoming blog: not all bleeding is necessarily your “period”).

With all that being said, why refer to the days around ovulation as our “inner summer”? Beyond the scientific jargon of our reproductive health (which I love nerding out about), the four seasons’ of the cycle is a poetic framework that originates in earth-based societies, where the power of our natural cycle was revered as the divine force of creation. Check out this pic on the left:

The biology of hormones influences our mental / emotional / physical experiences through the magic of our endocrine and nervous systems, and the 4 seasons of the cycle is an exploratory blueprint meant to support you in better understanding yourself over this hormonal ride. I can’t wait to talk more about this in my upcoming CYCLICAL LIVING ACTIVATION workshop, happening June 13th. Sign up here! 

Have you considered that your body is ALWAYS working in your favour…but it is our linear / colonial / patriarchal societies that don’t respect the powerful ebb and flow of the womb?

What if your cycle wasn’t an inconvenience, but instead a tremendous gift, that perhaps acts out because it’s tired of being suppressed?

Look at this pic below for more details on what it could feel like to work with your cycle. Each month, you have the opportunity to align, enhance and deepen your experience of life by consciously working with our hormones, rather than unconsciously against them:⁠

Think about it: how might your life change if you had the empowered awareness to plan your solar life (the daily output of external interactions and responsibilities) around your lunar life (the monthly ride of your hormones)?⁠ I’ll be covering lots of practical strategies, accessible tools and grounded tips for living in rhythm with your cycle in your modern life in this upcoming workshop, and yes…there will be a recording available!

Since unearthing womxns’ wisdom of cyclical living and conscious menstruation, I actually look forward to my period! I anticipate my bleed as my body and heart process the reflections of my inner fall and craves the red waters of release…

Since I am able to welcome the expansive gift of ovulation and work with this energy-filled peak in my cycle, I can then cruise though my luteal phase and welcome my period from a place for preparation, grace and ease. At the sight of my blood, my body feels a full “Yesssss!” as the antimicrobial and antibacterial menstrual blood washes though my Yoni, and I take some slow days to appreciate all my body does. I love offering my bloody magic back to the earth by watering my plants with it, or perhaps celebrating with a radical beauty mask practice. Once my period is over, I’m well-rested and re-charged…ready to tap into my inner spring to gear-up for the new ovulatory cycle ahead. 

Inner spring (your pre-ovulatory phase) is a great time to plants the seeds of new projects and start taking new steps towards wait is next for you. See how if we prioritize our need to rest, we in fact welcome more vitality and rejuvenation?

Not only is the 4 seasons about how to better care for yourself as a cyclical being living within linear systems, but also how to consciously listen to the subtle language of your cycle, to find out what it’s telling you about who you are. For example, what inner season is easiest for you to vibe with, and which one brings up the most lessons for you? Share in the comments at the end of this blog!

Do you want more ease, depth + vibrancy in your day to day living? 
It’s time to LIVE in sync with your cycle!

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This offering is for anyone seeking a more embodied experience of cyclical living as their daily normal.

There is integrative planning time (using the printable resources you’ll be sent) built right into this workshop,
so you’ll leave with a self-created personalized cyclical living plan.

Peaceful Bleeding! Xx


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