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  • why FAM is a worthwhile life-skill

this is more than charting your cycle…it’s reclaiming your womb power…

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a biology-based cycle tracking framework to support you in developing an intimate understanding of your unique menstrual cycle and reproductive health.

You’ll learn to observe, chart and interpret your physical biomarkers of fertility (and energetic shifts over the course of your cycle) to reveal what your reproductive health is telling you about your overall holistic health.

After establishing a devoted and disciplined FAM practice for your own sacred connection to your womb, certain perimeters or rules can be applied to aid you in conscious conception or natural contraception that’s been proven to be over 99% effective.

FAM has no similarity whatsoever to your grandma’s rhythm method or app algorithms, and will invite major paradigm-shifts in the way you view your reproductive choices and sexual wellness.

Are you ready?

I offer personalized one-on-one guidance to teach you FAM according to where you’re at and what you need. My sessions are holistic, meaning in addition to covering the science of FAM, I hold space for you to explore and step into your womb power as we work through the emotional experience of connecting to your sacral chakra. Sessions include mediation, personal sharing, practical lectures on FAM, time for questions, and you leave with reflective journal prompts to guide you until our next session together.

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