medicinal movement

These nourishing online classes run from October through March, and are inclusive to all fitness levels and bodies, from maiden to matriarch! Designed to gently open the body, breath and mind, join these bi-weekly gentle flow classes for:

Medicinal Movement


Moon Magic

charting Shakti: group cycle charting program


Learn to chart your cycles with Fertility Awareness Method for healing, health and 99% effective conscious contraception!

You deserve ease, clarity and enjoyment of your reproductive years! FAM is a life skill that gives us tools to more fully reveal the gifts of being in a body with female physiology, by tapping us into the potency of cyclical awareness. Learn to observe, chart and interpreted your cervical mucus, basal body temperature and cervical position to totally revolutionize the way your connect to your body.

CHARTING SHAKTI is a 4 month opportunity to learn FAM, for cultivating a deeper connection with one’s Self, so you can respect, love and claim your fertile force and personal power.


Self-Guided Course: Cyclical Living Activation


What you can get excited about:

  • Detailed lectures on the biology of each unique season of the menstrual cycle, and how to support and optimized each season through diet, movement and life management
  • Recorded yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditations to channel and embody each of the cycle’s inner seasons and feminine archetypes
  • Various reflection and integration rituals, exploring the ancient teachings of sacred menstruation
  • Practical strategies, accessible tools and grounded practices for living in rhythm with your cycle in your modern life.