Reclaim Your Sexual Sovereignty

What if menstruation isn’t a curse? What if we just need to get empowered with accurate information, accessible tools, and loving guidance to reconnect us back to a deeply transformative experience with our fertile, sexual, cyclical, bleeding bodies?

You can be an expert of your own cycle, and I’m here to show you how. It’s time to step into the light of body literacy, and receive the holistic reproductive health education that you should have gotten in high school. Gone are the days of suffering in silence, fearing your fertility and believing like you're broken. Brave one, your cyclical power has been with you all along and it’s waiting to be claimed!

After a decade of rebalancing, rebuilding and redefining myself along my healing journey, my intention is to guide your womb and heart beyond patriarchal conditioning. In unearthing womxns’ wisdom of conscious menstruation and fertility awareness, together we pave new pathways and expand the paradigm of what it means to be vibrant and connected as reverence for the Feminine rises again.


Some Sistxrs are Saying

“I found a large reserve of power accessible

to me in connecting to my womb. What a gift!”

“I would definitely recommend a Moujamoon workshop to any

artist whose practice is intimate with their body.”

“I love doing this work in a group session! Not only listening to Emily, but also hearing

how others were responding throughout the process made the experience so intimate.”

“I enjoyed being able to talk freely

without embarrassment or judgement”

“I learned more about my menstrual cycle in 1 hour

than I have in the last 29 years”

“I felt seen and loved. Our pain was common,

but so was our desire to connect with our innate feminine wisdom.”

“I left the workshop feeling empowered, inspired to

learn more and even more confident in myself. ”

“I joined an online workshop…and found myself virtually surrounded

by womxn from different cultures and generations.”

“I truly believe that we move energy with conversation,

and Emily is orchestrating such a vital one right now”

“For the first time in my life

I can’t wait to bleed!”

“In one online workshop, I learned more about my menstrual cycle than I learned in school or

throughout the array of medical professionals and supposed specialists seen throughout my life.”

“I encourage any womxn looking for sisterhood and a sacred

space to join Moujamoon Yoga class or workshop.” 

“Emily’s embodiment is an example of true transformation

and continues to inspire those around her.”

“Moujamoon is a guided experience of returning to ourselves,

to our sacred healing and ascension journeys.”

“Emily empowers us to claim our inner sovereignty, our female divinity, our connection

to the collective consciousness and all the highest vibrations available to us.” 

“It’s powerful to feel like I’m not alone,

that others go through the same challenges I do.”

“Each time I sit with Emily l learn a new nugget

of universal wisdom that can inspire my life”

“Emily offers valuable tools for returning to our own self-healing powers,

and shares practical tips that I’ve brought into my daily routine.”

“I love Emily’s online workshops! I always leave inspired, connected,

and activated to take new healthy steps in my life.”

“There are few people who blend the ethereal wisdom of Spirit in practical ways of living within

this material world, and Emily does this effortlessly…”

“Now more than ever,

Emily’s voice and offerings are needed…”

“Emily’s capacity to share from her heart with clarity,

passion and pure presence is absolutely magnetic.”

R E L E A S E :

3 hour workshop recording + resource list for $33